Posted: 2014-07-21

ReEmployAbility played a major role in establishing return-to-work precedent in a recent Virginia workers’ compensation case. The Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission issued a full board decision that employers can use nonprofit organizations to accommodate light duty work when an employee is recovering from a workers’ compensation injury.

Posted: 2014-06-12

ReEmployAbility announced today that it achieved record-setting performance results during fiscal year 2013. This brisk growth has continued throughout 2014. Much of this success is attributed to the company’s Transition2Work®program, a service that matches injured workers to temporary modified duty work assignments at local nonprofit organizations.

Posted: 2014-04-14

ReEmployAbility is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming RIMS 2014 Annual Conference & Exhibition. The company will exhibit during the three-day event that takes place in Denver, Colorado, from April 27 to 30, showcasing its proprietary return to work program, Transition2Work.

Posted: 2014-03-25

ReEmployAbility has successfully matched thousands of injured workers with temporary modified duty assignments at its partner local nonprofit organizations.  In most cases, a successful outcome means the injured worker is able to quickly return to his previous position. But, every now and then, things work out differently and amazing opportunities develop.

Posted: 2014-03-11

ReEmployAbility today published its latest Program Results Summary. The summary highlights the Transition2Work program’s key performance results for fiscal year 2013, as well as historical program results through December 2013.

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